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Third Dimension has been involved in the work of 3D rendering since the time it was just a basic concept. 12 years back, when the world was juggling with the initial understanding of 3D, we had developed a rich portfolio of high definition 3D rendering, visualization and designing. It is our varied experience of ours which makes us one of the top 3D service providers of India.

Third Dimension is a specialized, integrated and high end visual effects firm. Our sphere of expertise is in  developing three dimension visual effects, animations and post production.

Based in Bhavnagar, we have worked with global clients from varied industries. Our work is  to convert plain two dimensional ideas into superior three dimensional infrastructures that has been experienced by clients from industries such as Advertising, Real Estate, Interior Decoration, Hotels, etc. They have all appreciated the seamlessness with which we manage to fit their requirements into our offerings.

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